Madagascar hat – funny enough, this hat really is from a small, upscale-ish boutique
Photo by Lisa Schultz

Another day, another hat. Fortunately, this one is a bit more unique than the F21 chapeau listed below. This is one of many presents I bestowed on myself when visiting the Texas version of Napa Valley – also known as the lovely town of Fredericksburg. My feet were aching, my liver was being tempted by every restaurant offering flights of cool, white wine and my delicate arms heavy with laden down shopping bags. Then I saw it; the hat that screamed both Princess Beatrice of York and Kris Jenner – that hat that would make Texans wonder if I was one of those tipsy ladies with a lamp shade on her head, or, well, no that would probably be the consensus . No matter, I had to have it. I left that day, happy to have spent time with friends, happy to have my stomach full of good food, and ECSTATIC to finally own something that would help me get in good with the Kentucky Derby elite. My future social-climbing husband would be proud.