Usually, I’m a half-glass full kind of gal. But I feel like I have to make an excuse for this post, thus putting myself on the potential path of reiterating negativity. I woke up the other day for work (6:08 a.m. if you must know), to bed-hair and a mini-mall (also known as my closet). Oooh, I asked myself, what shall I wear today? As I pranced around my miniscule, appropriately bachelorette-themed apartment, I decided on a more casual approach – flowy tank top, designer jeans, a small heel, pave encrusted hoop earrings and a bun that J.Lo (pre- Casper, post-Diddy) would have been proud of. However, when my photographer, Ms. K.W. took these photos, I didn’t realize how absolutely yawn-worthy my accoutrement was until I uploaded the photos. I promise I’ll start posting photos of how I really dress in order to finally get advertisements to earn money. I mean, to keep people reading. Until, then, feast your eyes on the real world of a casual Thursday. Weird face expression and all.

top – Mushka by Sienna Rose, Inc., jeans (not pictured, but since they are higher end, I’m mentioning them) – William Rast, earrings – Macy’s, bow-head band – Goody, face – God