Now that I’m an official adult (which only happens when you reach the age of 26.5) I’ve become a lot more Stepford and a lot less Ikea. I am now as easily entertained looking at Pottery Barn and Z Gallerie online as I am foraging for new vintage stores on eBay. Luckily, my lovely folks back home in good ol’ California get where I’m at in life, because they have gifted me with the most AMAZING pitcher and martini glasses from a little store in Napa called The Playful Garden. They have an an actual zip fastner that connects to gold, painted on teeth. So cute!

My martini partner – White Beauty the horse head

The designer has a  variety of glassware, which I hope to gradually incorporate into my cabinets. Even though my girlfriends are I are more “Yellow Tail wine” than “Beluga vodka” (a choice driven by monetary means and not taste), these glasses manage to make even the most poverty-galvanized cocktails look A-list worthy.

Close up of martini glass