Every time I go to the dang grocery store to buy chips, er, I mean vegetables, I pass by the nail polish stand and always seem to find a new OPI that will fit in perfect with my personal collection. At around $9.00 a pop, I try to not go overboard, but there are times when I can’t overcome my feelings. Such was the case when my eye was drawn to the polish stand last Friday, as I was buying my weekly tabloids and some apples (also known as cookie-dough ice-cream). A lightning bolt shot through me, causing me to stop in my tracks as a cranky elderly lady in one of those electric grocery-cart car things almost ran over me, muttering “…young kids and their damn ADD.” Okay, that didn’t really happen, but it would have been kinda’ funny if it had. So where was I? Ah, right – my lightning bolt. Short story, the nail polish “Flavor of the Month” is called Rally Pretty Pink.

You can buy this polish here. I also noticed Amazon is selling this for $2.00, where as I paid $8.50+. Sweet.

If I could have my dream social life be a nail-polish color, this would be it. I imagine myself partying with Prince Harry in Vegas, visiting members-only casinos or flying to St. Barthélemy with my 70-year old sugar daddy, Claude. My closet would be full of vintage YSL (which I would finally be able to pronounce correctly), and every Tuesday, around 8:30 p.m. I would say “Oh, Claude, sweetheart, not tonight. Now go eat your pea soup like a good boy,” while I went back to my evening of Perrier Jouët and eye-flirting with the cabana boy.

In the correct lighting, you can see that this polish has both pink and a gold shimmer. I tried to capture some of both before the sun went down.

One more close up of the polish