Since I have already admitted I am an absolute cliché by starting a fashion blog, I thought I would go even further into the rabbit hole of banality and follow the lead of every DIY blogger by re-creating a pair of the 2012 D&G flower sunglasses. Everyone is just gaga about them and it seems impossible to find them for purchase. (Which is hilarious that I’m even pretending like I could buy them, when my friend J.M. and I are freaking out about having to spend $12 for an hour-long dance class.) These glasses are the shiznit though, and anything that even remotely resembled the ones below would be swell. I always thought I was someone who hated knock-offs, so let’s call this (and the Converse project) an “inspired venture.”

2012 D&G sunglasses – photo via Polyvore

I started by buying a cheap pair of sunglasses that I wouldn’t feel badly about messing with. Plus, the website I bought these from, Karmaloop is AMAAAZING, so I’m always willing to put my salary towards them, even for the smaller, rinky-dink sort of stuff. I had a bit of an issue trying to find the exact clay flowers I needed, and at first all I could find were YouTube videos on how to make your own (which, puh-lease, honey boo-boo, I was not going to do). I ended up at another favorite but lethal site – Etsy, where I found my flowers, and maybe a couple of other items that had nothing to do with this project. Yah, I’m crazy like that. The shop is from Thailand, but I received the flowers in a week and they were in perfect condition. Next, I ate 9-thawed out taquitos while waiting for my glue gun to heat up. Was there ranch dressing involved as a dipping sauce? Maybe so, but I’ll never tell. Before staring on the project, I decided to take a “Before” Picture. Please see Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

I ate taquito after taquito, while figuring out how to get the flowers to stay on the sunglasses without burning the flesh off my fingers. I decided to do the “just go for it” method, which is amusing because that has never really  worked for me before. Below, Exhibit B, is the end result of putting glue on top of the sunglasses and smashing a flower on the top until it set in place. I didn’t mean for these to look like the Anthony Davis of eyeware (see Exhibit C), but it is what it is.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C:Photo via

Below is a better close up of the clay flowers in Exhibit D:

Flower sunglasses up close

Oh, and now I have burn marks on my fingers and typing this makes me wince, but I’m a trooper and keep on hitting the keypad for my fans (hi Mom).