When I first started getting into “fashion,” I was in my sophomore year of high-school. The braces were off, I discovered a straightening iron and boys no longer called me “First Base” due to my lack of a bosom. I had fewer “do’s” and “don’t” than I do now, but I’ll still remember those rules like it was only yesteryear.

DO’S: Mudd jeans, a Von Dutch trucker hat,  and a black kohl eyeliner that I thought looked great smeared around each eye.

DON’T’S: pants that went above my belly button, gold-toned jewelry and my secret favorite hoodie from middle-school that just had “GAP” on the front of it. Admit it – you had one just like it.

As I grew more into my looks, I become more adventurous in some dernier areas, and less in others. I now only use black eyeliner for nights out with the girls, and am accepting of all metals. I am especially fond of mixing silver and gold, as pictured below in Exhibit A:

Exhibit A:
All in involved:
ring – I have no idea where I got this – it seriously just appeared in my collection one day. So…thank you stalker? Ivory and turquoise bracelet – vintage. Chain bracelet – Fredericksburg, TX boutique.

I am also a fan of stacked rings, which frightens me a bit since I feel they are on their way out, along with the recycled obsession of floral leggings. I like to wear my stacked rings on my middle finger, with the stalker gift (see Exhibit A) on the index, and a gift from an old flame on the ring finger. That combo is the perfect amount of Vanessa Hudgens boho meets Lauren Conrad after she wrote her first book meets Miley Cyrus before channeling Pink, as visually projected in Exhibit B and Exhibit C. Plus, when I go out and wear the silver band on my ring finger, it helps me brush off annoying guys. Which, as those are pretty much the only ones whom I seem to attract, might explain my Saturday nights alone watching re-runs of Ellen.

Exhibit B:
From left to right:
old bf ring, stacked rings – you can find something similar here, stalker mystery ring

Exhibit C:
Still a cruddy photo (I’m working on the camera thing), but here is a close up of the rings, in the same order as Exhibit B.