One of my favorite deceased socialites is Edie Sedgwick. If you don’t know who that is, I’ll pause for a couple of seconds while you delete my number from your cell, because we shouldnt be friends.

A picture says a thousand words.
Picture via Orbit-Mag

I’ll admit, I only became truly fascinated by her after watching Factory Girl, with the brilliant Sienna Miller, and became even more enamored/hypnotized by all of the fantastic jewelry she was sporting. After a search online, I came across a pair of chandelier flippery on Edie (see below) that were duplicated pretty well in the movie.

That year for my birthday, a friend commissioned the costume designer from Factory Girl, to make a pair for me. It was very “Rich Kids of Instagram” of her to do that and I am pleased to say I still love these earrings as much as I did when I first received them. What happened to that “good” friend you might ask? Well, (*chuckle*) for entertainment’s sake, let’s just say we are no longer close and that we don’t absolutely despise each other and that I maybe kicked her out of the apartment we were living in during college because she got a boyfriend that was homeless who possibly started living with us and we couldn’t communicate without fighting and that after kicking her out she may have turned off the electricity on me because it was in her name and there’s a crazy chance I had to pay the entire reinstatement fee all over again to get it turned back on even though I only had a month-and-a-half until graduation. Now that storytime is over, ch-ch-check out the pix below…