I grew up in one of the most beautiful and expensive town’s in the United States, if not the entire world. Okay, probably just the U.S. When I moved to Texas, I tried the whole modest approach for a while when people asked where I grew up, until I decided I was much more comfortable bragging about my hometown than trying to down play it. Besides, humbleness is for boring and impecunious folk. Below are some view photos from mi casa in Napa Valley:

Pool looking out to Rudd vineyards

Parent’s balcony looking down

View from my parent’s work area

Saturday night I went out with some friends I haven’t seen in FOREVER, and as we talked it made my heart swell to hear the word “sommelier” used as casually in conversation as someone else might use “baby-photos” or “Burlington Coat Factory.” We went to this place in downtown St. Helena that used to be called Martini House but is now called Goose and Gander. Look at the adorable cocktail below (it reads “Sloe (i.e. Slow) Gin Fizz”):

I still don’t know why they spelled it “sloe” – is that normal?

While it was lovely to be back home, it was very, very nice to be back in Austin. I saw my good friend M.M.  randomly while I was randomly heading home and we did the ten-second catch-up while yelling at each other with our car windows down. While I will always love Napa, I feel like Austin has been rather good to me and feel like I will be here for a while, if not forever. However, the occasional trips back home do help keep my ego in check (and by that, I mean it inflates it), which is a part of me I will never let go of.