My grandmother, whom I fondly called “MuMu,” was incredibly fashionable, incredibly Finnish and overall was just, well, incredible. Unfortunately she passed before I could really appreciate the magnitude of her closet, but my mother tells me stories about her and her shopping antics that sound vaguely familiar to my own commercing. One of my favorites is my grandmothers’ love for Salvatore Ferragamo heels. Every time she bought a pair and was caught by my grandfather trying to sneak them in, he would gruffly ask her, “So, what did those cost me?” My grandmother, with the ultimate verve, would look him in the eyes and snap “They were only twenty-dollars!” Mind you, this went on for several years, but it amuses me to think of my grandfather getting the credit card bill, confused to why it was so high. For him, that was probably one of the greatest mysteries, like how our generations biggest unsolved puzzle is who January Jones’  baby daddy is. With MuMu’s appreciation of a well made shoe came her aesthetic admiration of jewelry. While I was home in Napa, my mother gave me a ring that belonged to her:

The ring is 14k and boasts of the most beautiful amethyst. The weight is lovely and I tell myself that I have to wear it every day so I can get used to my future engagement ring. After all, I hear cubic zirconia is quite heavy.