Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you check you mail, and you see that your new Neiman Marcus/Bloomingdale’s/Sak’s catalog has arrived? Yah, I don’t know either because I only get crap from Alloy and Victoria’s Secret. Luckily, my neighbor was kind enough to give me the September 2012 Sak’s book that he had no use for, which led me to a lovely Sunday morning of placing post-it notes of items that I wish I had (dammit, when am I ever going to meet Claude?) Below are my reasons for wanting to work out and only eat miso soup for the next ten months:

Neon fur – Peter Pilotto (and the fur is from Finland so extra kudos there)


Oscar de la Renta. Flawless.

As a treat, I am introducing my “girl crush,” supermodel Coco Rocha who I didn’t even know was in here until I got to page 103! What a lovely bonus. If having cheekbones like that were a crime she would be number one on America’s Most Wanted. (I feel like I tried too hard with that last sentence – did I? I definitly did.)

Coco in St. John! She has the chicest blog – you can check it out here. Just don’t read it more than mine.