A friend of mine, M.J. recently opened up her very own home-goods boutique in Clifton, Texas. Today was the grand opening, and my other dear friend, J.M. (I promise I really do have friends and I’m not just reversing initials due to a lack of creativity) and I decided to head out and surprise her on the big day. After driving for about two hours, we reached Clifton and pulled up to her store, adorably named “Far Fetched.” M.J. is one of those girls that makes classic and trendy fashions look effortless. Since I do that as well, (modesty was never my color) I knew her store would be as fantastic as her sunglass collection (which, dammit, I still want those impossible to find Thierry Larsy shades). Like a philistine, I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the building, but luckily I snapped a pic of what greeted us when we walked inside:

Say “hello” to my new Texas matriarch on the left – J.M’s madre

Delicious smelling soaps

Lotions, sprays, oh my. I want them all!

The coolest bottler openers ever! I believe they are Japanese.

The store displays its contents in unique ways such as above.

If I could describe Far Fetched, I would say it’s similar to Anthropologie, minus the  commercial-ness. Her prices were amaaazing, and I got some great gifts for friends and family (and by “friends” I mean me, and by “family” I mean my living room). The store boasts of exotic soaps and lotions, hand-made quilts, jewelry that my MuMu would have added to her impressive collection and many other sui generis items.

Awww. Just us girls, hanging out with black bars across our eyes. Typical Saturday afternoon. (Side note – M.J. is to the far left, J.M. is in the middle. HA – I do have friends!)

After shopping, we decided to indulge in  local Clifton cuisine, and chose a little restaurant called “Somethin’ Brewin’.” I ordered the “Santana” which totally hit the spot.

Diet starts tomorrow?

So, as I am back home full and content, I bid you adieux and look forward to connecting with the next post. Fais de beaux rêves!