I started this site as a way to vent and show off at the same time. As a connoisseur of the finer things in life –  both contemporary and vintage, I found it frustrating that I only had a handful of people who would listen to me talk and talk about how devastatingly fantastic I dress. So I took it upon myself, always the fashion martyr, to dive into the world-wide-web of vogue and faddism. It is my quest to reach an audience that understands the pain of searching for venerable-deemed eyewear on eBay, the joy at finding a pair of hand-made studded flats in your exact size while on vacation, and the agonizing lust of wanting the newest and best thing while on a “I’m in my twenties” budget.

Hopefully you find some amusement from this blog, and if you don’t understand or laught at it, then this isn’t for you. I enjoy making fun of myself and all of my pretentiousness, and most of what I say isn’t to be taken too seriously. It is my sincere wish that you all enjoy reading all upcoming posts, and comments are always welcome – Merci d’avoir lu!